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Shakespeare's Siblings
                The Shakespeare siblings

Joan  first born died in first few weeks

Margaret second born who died aged 1

William b1564

Gilbert (about b 1566 – d1612) Probably Stratford based for most of his life, belief he may have been a haberdasher, appears in the records acting for WS (1602 Combe land sale document). May have been in London some of the time – record of haberdasher with same name in St Bride’s London standing surety for a clock maker from SOA.. Was Gilbert carrying on his cloth trasde from NP?

Joan (married William Hart in the late1590s) b 1569 – d1646 William was a hatter.

After their marriage they lived in the west part of Henley Street house, stayed on after John S death, possibly with Mary A (perhaps in only 3 rooms though). WS leased out the eastern part to Lewis Hiccox. WS left her his clothes, life tenancy in the west part of the Henley Street House and £20 – he may have left them to his brothers if any were still alive. Pass on some personal/identity. However she may well have sold them. 4 children, one of whom died. Hart died just before WS. He was left out of WS will – a snub as WS could not have predicted Hart would die first? WS did provide for Hart nephews. One of the  Hart’s (Joan’s grandson) who inherited the BP in the end after EBarnard died. George Hart, WS great nephew christened his son Shakespeare Hart in 1666.

Richard (b1574 – d1613) – no further info

Anne b? d 1579 aged 7. Evidence of JS paying for ‘Bell and Pall’ for Anne.

– married late and had 4 children in her 30s, 2 of whom died.

Edmund  (christened 1580, d 1607) Became an actor in London (described as a player in the burial register). Buried in Southwark. William may have paid the 20s to have him buried in Church and for the bell.  You could be apprenticed and be an actor. Big age gap – did William help him in London.

Reputations belonged to families, families were closer and often relied on/helped each other.


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